Welcome to the Russian Club!

We play and communicate in Russian.

Join us for play sessions at the Russian Club in Chertsey. 

There is a wonderful atmosphere in our club, which encourages the children to learn and develop friendships. Through play and art children reinforce the language skills and nurture emotional intelligence - the ability to understand their own emotions and behaviours and emotions of the people around them. 

Our Groups


The children are split into age groups:

  • Ages 2 - 5

  • Ages 6 - 9

  •  Ages 10 - 12


Early Learning | Ages 2 - 5


Short structured activity aimed at developing basic Russian vocabulary through art, music and movement.

 + Free play.

Ages 6 - 9, 10 - 12

Creative sessions based on a four-week theme/topic with the emphasis on foundation and development of Russian language and culture through art, music and literature.